Nanovesicular drug shuttles

Nanovesicular drug shuttles

Program line 1 aims to capture the body’s own NV transport system to enable effective, safe, and tissue-targeted delivery of next-generation drugs.

Focus is given to the areas with the highest breakthrough potential due to practical feasibility, medical need, and likelihood of success:

  • Precision-targeted delivery of drugs to tumors and metastatic sites, avoiding adverse reactions due to drug exposure in healthy tissue.
  • Effective delivery of drugs across the blood-brain barrier, opening up the chemical space for treatment of neurodegenerative and brain diseases to gene therapy or antibodies.
  • Achieving bioavailability of new drug modalities with high application potential but poor permeability and/or rapid clearance, such as nucleic acids, complex heterobifunctional ligands, or large ribonucleoprotein complexes (gene editing therapeutics), and the use of food-derived EVs for oral drug delivery.

Our aim is to deliver first candidate applications as well as proof-of-principle for the technology, while our long-term vision is to develop an NV drug delivery platform with even broader application potential.

a. Nanovesicular drug shuttles